European Valve & Actuator center

Valves and actuators are in many branches of the industry considered one of the most critical components in a production process. And rightly so. Valves, Actuators and associated control systems are responsible for reliability, safety, and environment-friendliness and in the end, for operational costs of a production process. A good choice of Valve & Actuator combination and a suitable maintenance strategy herewith are of great importance. The consulting, installation, maintenance and repairing of Valves and Actuators are the speciality of Delta Controls B.V. We work from our offices in Emmen and offer our services independent of brand. Our clients are located throughout Europe and even beyond.

The Delta Controls service concept

Our service concerns ‘Total Product Life Cycle Care’ for your Valves and Actuators. In the ‘Product Life Cycle’ of Valves and Actuators there are four specific stages: the specification phase, the installation and start-up phase, the operational phase and the post-operational phase.

Service & maintenance, repair & modification

The service of Delta Controls is applicable for every brand and type of valve with actuator. Through specialisation in complex and critical valves & actuators, Delta Controls is capable of providing a suitable answer to all questions or problems, which you may have. Another service we offer is the supervision of a maintenance Turn Around and the inspection of the condition of your equipment.  Most importantly, Delta Controls personnel is available to you 24 hours a day.

Reversed engineering

Delta Controls has wide experience with up-grades and modifications. Reversed engineering is one of the activities we can also offer you. Please see the Engineering section for more information.

Our expertise is used in the following fields

  • Refinery, Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units
  • Refinery in general
  • Oil- and gas exploration and storage
  • Chemical industry
  • Salt industry
  • Steel industry
  • Food industry

Working method

Operating successfully is a matter of utmost importance. Delta Controls does that is several ways. Firstly, through carefully assessing your wishes they make a proposal, saving you time and money. Delta Controls has also made it there goal to lead the way in new (technical) developments. We pay maximum attention to quality and safety. The policy of Delta Controls is aimed at achieving excellence in these fields

Oil- and Gas exploration,transport and storage, chemical and similar industries

Delta Controls, well-known in the valve and actuator world, has been for 30 years an independent specialist in, Gas transport, Oil transport, Chemical industries, Storage. Installations used for these purposes have to meet high quality and safety standards because of their high social importance. Delta Controls has the knowledge and experience to guarantee you a non-stop product supply and a non-interrupted and safe production process. Delta Controls performs the maintenance, revision, modification, dismantling and testing of all kinds of valves and actuators.

We service for example:

Valves Actuators
Ball valves Quarterturn actuators
Plug valves Linear actuators
Gate valves Control actuators
Wedge gate valves
Butterfly valves
Control valves

Our most serviced brands are:

Valves Actuators
Amri Rotork
Audco Bettis
Cameron Bifi
Christensens  EIM
Darling  Instromet
Grove  Ledeen
Hartmann  Neles
HVamag  Auma
Malbranque  Van Rohr Arca
TK valve