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Reversed engineering & modification
In the post-operational phase the period of use will exceed the original meant lifetime of the equipment or the process conditions will change severely. In this phase a choice has to be made: replacement or re-use of the equipment. The possibilities for ‘second lifetime upgrading’ are often underestimated, in many cases it is an interesting option. Delta Controls has wide experience with similar up-grades and modifications. Reversed engineering is also one of the activities we can offer you.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (C.F.D.)
Understanding the fluid dynamics and thermo-control is essential to the properly design products for which these phenomena play a roll of importance. The term C.F.D. covers calculations in the field of fluid dynamics, which are based on numerical methods. Often so-called finite element method is adopted. This means that volume, where the studied flow occurs, is modelled by dividing it into elements, in order to determine its behaviour. The flow may take place either through an enclosed envelope or within a body.

Examples of results are:

  • Pressure distribution
  • Velocity distribution
  • Temperature distribution
  • Graphical display of stream lines
  • By means of this software, both two- and three-dimensional models can be studied.

The possibilities stretch out to:

  • Laminar or turbulent circulation
  • Supersonic, transonic and subsonic (compressible) flow
  • Stationary or non stationary flow
  • Heat transfer through conduction, convection, or combined

These results can be used in a finite element analysis to compute thermal stresses in combination with other mechanical loads.

Engineering gas utilities and pressure systems
Delta Controls can perform detailed engineering for building and testing of installations. Delta Controls is able to perform the Finite Element method.

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