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About us

Delta Controls

Delta Controls is a leading provider of technical services. Using innovative concepts and integral solutions, Delta Controls plays a major role in the success of its customers in the industry. Delta Controls’ services and products combine involvement, intelligence and expertise. These are the cornerstones of our customer-led and solution-led approach, which is essential for the optimisation of operational processes.

Delta Controls distinguishes itself by looking beyond technology, because the efficient and effective application of technology also covers the financial, process and control aspects of projects.

Our values

Customer orientation

Our customers guide our actions. How we are organized, the choices we make and the methods we use evolve in line with our customers’ demands. Delta Controls wants to exceed our customers expectations, something we know we can do every single day: Delta Controls is Smart & Involved. We seek – and find – the optimal balance between state-of-the-art technology and a profound understanding of our customers operational processes. This is how we constantly contribute to our customers growth and success.


Delta Controls owns its strength and adaptability to people. They are Delta Controls. Openness and transparency are a sign of our success. However, it is the intelligence and involvement of Delta Controls employees that make the difference. This is why one of Delta Controls’s main priorities is the growth, safety and welfare of its employees. And Delta Controls takes every opportunity to increase their knowledge, performance and involvement.


Delta Controls forges partnerships with its customers. And Delta Controls employees are each others partners. A true sign of entrepreneurship is the sense of solidarity, which gains coherence and strength as we look for, share or pass each other opportunities. This is why within Delta Controls entrepreneurship is synonymous with loyalty, transparency and the strengthening of joint networks.


Delta Controls strives for continuity. To achieve this, our constant focus is on sustainable and profitable growth. This is all about making choices. Delta Controls chooses customers and markets with a future we believe matches our own. This is how we create the best opportunities to demonstrate our added value. And the collaboration within and across Delta Controls only increases these opportunities. Delta Controls can distinguish itself by both making the right choices and by sharing.volvement.