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Fluid Catalytic Cracking

Fluid catalytic cracking (FCC)

Delta Controls is an international service and repair center for refurbishment, overhaul and modification of FCC slide valves, plug valves, ball valves, gate valves and butterfly valves. Including all controls together with associated pneumatic/hydraulic/electric actuators.

FCC slide valves
These critical Fluid Catalytic Cracking valves function under high temperatures, normally 760 °C. The FCC units control the proces which is originally designed by contractors and manufacturers according:

  • UOP
  • Stone and Webster
  • Kellog
  • Shell
  • Exxon
  • Exxon Flexicoker

Delta Controls started the FCC activities in the early 1970’s. As an independent company, we developed a high expertise and have experience for over 35 years now.

The formula of Delta Controls success is that Delta Controls is co-operating in an excellent harmony with all customers. Being independent and supported by engineering companies we implement all combined experiences of different applications.

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The Delta Controls service concept

Our service concerns ‘Total Product Life Cycle Care’ for your Valves and Actuators. In the ‘Product Life Cycle’ of Valves and Actuators there are four specific stages: the specification phase, the installation and start-up phase, the operational phase and the post-operational phase.

Brand independent

Being independent, we know all advantages and disadvantages of all brands and therefore we will inform our customers for implementing modifications, reducing customers total maintenance costs.

No strings attached

It’s our obligation to inform each customer without any restriction about all construction details, errors, mistakes made by the original manufacturer and to improve the quality of your valves as you are the owner.


All our work is and will be carried out according the international QA/QC standard ISO 9001:2000. Delta Controls is also officially registered to Safety Checklist Contractors (SCC) VCA ** 2004/04 since 1996.

Knowledge and experience

Our service  engineers have a high education, responsibility and high morals. They also perform field service during a turnaround therefore they know the practical applications and requirements of each customer.

A one stop shop

All our manufacturing is carried out in our workshop, welding, stelliting, refractory applications, stress relieving, curing, grinding, machining, etc, against the highest specifications and requirements of each individual refinery.

Technical skill

Our in house techniques are special welding, machining, instrumentation and hydraulics. There is no split up, as we see the valve with actuator and controls as one package guaranteed by us for a non interrupted performance and lifetime.

Impressions of Field service activities

Delta Controls started as a service company for the petrochemical industry. Since the start Delta Controls has invested in up-today service equipment. Starting form the smallest special tool untill full-equiped service trucks, together with full-equipped service busses and 20 feet workshop containers. This results in possibilities for a service preformance. At anytime, any place in every fieldservice job.

Every service job can be handled as a lump sum job, including QA / QC and safety plan with all stipulations and the guarantee for a prediscribed quality refurbishment. Customers are getting the guarantee for the next non-interrupted production run. Delta Controls serviced National, European-, Middle East and Far East customers. All our service engineers are VCA * approved. Our projectmanagers are VCA ** approved.

Service includes all types of services. Preventive maintenance programs on contract basis with clearly described objectives, emergency services, call on services and turnaround services. All type of services includes pre-studies, proposals for innovative modifications, which will reduce customers the total maintenance costs. For customers conveniences we submit service reports with all relevant data and recommendations. Delta Controls offers all these services guaranties if desireble. This results finally in an important longterm benefits for our customers.

We see the final objective of technical services, reducing your total maintenance costs to a absolute minimum, just as your personal doctor. Our reference list is showing that this formula is very successful.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (C.F.D.)

Understanding the fluid dynamics and thermo-control is essential to the properly design products for which these phenomena play a roll of importance. Please see the Engineering section for more information.

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