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Pressure Systems & Instrumentation

Pressure systems & instrumentation

For years and years fluids and gasses have been used as energy carrier for realisation of motion. Oil and compressed air are best known in this field. In other less known cases, another medium, already present in the system is used, for example for the control of valves in a natural gas pipe. The service of Delta Controls in the field of pressure systems & instrumentation is aimed at the construction, maintenance, overhaul, modification and (reversed) engineering of hydraulic, pneumatic or by the controlling-medium-driven installations and associated controlling system of the components.

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Clear service concept

The service concept Total Product Life Cycle Care or the care taking of your installation during the life time to the extent you wish, is of course also applicable in the field of Pressure systems & instrumentation. Delta Controls operates independent of brand and therefore has the possibilities to find the right solution for every specific situation. Our well-trained employees are happy to be of service to you.

The workshop and service centre of Delta Controls in Emmen is equipped with all necessary facilities for building, modification and testing or intensive maintenance of an installation. For the fixing up of an installation on your site or for conduction of the desired maintenance Delta Controls has modern equipped service trucks at her disposal. For service activities we are available 24 hrs per day.

As soon as an installation has come into use the maintenance costs will determine a large part of the operational costs. In order to control these costs, Delta Controls can offer you a maintenance- and service contract especially to meet your needs based on the appropriate maintenance method for your specific installation.

Working fields

  • production industries in general
  • synthetic processing industry
  • shipbuilding
  • gas transportation segment
  • energy producers
  • (petro-) chemical industry
  • authorities (water-board district, provinces)

Quality, safety and environment

Pressure systems are a potential safety risk, besides this a leakage can cause an unacceptable environmental burden. Therefore Delta Controls has high quality-, safety- and environmental standards based on years of experience. In order to limit the risks Delta Controls also examines the most risky elements in an installation and chooses the right alternatives. For example with hydraulic installations Delta Controls uses Chemolube where desirable, an inflammable and environmental friendly waterglycol fluid.

Some examples of activities

  • modification of a hydraulic silt press for a water-board district
  • maintenance of a servo-hydraulic operated unit in a power station
  • construction of pneumatic and hydraulic operating system on behalf of the operation of a series of valves.
  • design and construction of a hydraulic installation for a production line.

Delta Controls also has facilities for connecting activities. Pumping installation built by Delta Controls for a water-board district.

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