Hytek Industries

Delivery of hydraulic oil on a Water or Glycol basis for hydraulic actuators and control systems. Construction and testing in our workshop and also field installation.

HBE Engineering

HBE Engineering Inc. provides automatic recirculation valves for centrifugal pump minimum flow protection. Valve sizes range from 150 lb to 2500 lb ANSI rated for 1 inch to 30 inch inlet/outlet sizes. These valves are capable of handling
main flow demands up to 40,000 gpm. Automatic recirculation valves from HBE provide effective centrifugal pump protection
from serious damage which can result from temperature rise or instability if operated below the required minimum flow.
We represent HBE Engineering and also have an OEM service agreement for HBE recirculation valves.
See the website of HBE Engineering Inc.: http://www.hbeengineering.com/


The “Total Quality” concept  proved to be so successful that the company rapidly became a world-class highly appreciated soft and metal seated valves manufacturer, for many applications in Oil & Gas and other related industries. We are proud to have the OEM service agreement for Pibiviesse valves.
See the website of Pibiviesse: www.pibiviesse.com


Sealing and greasing “tube sealant” for valves in oil and gas industry. Val Tex has grown to become the preferred provider of high quality valve maintenance products worldwide. See the website of Val-Tex: www.valtex.com